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Latching Cryogenic Service Valves

Castor Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest product, the 100222 Latching Solenoid Actuated Valve. The 100222 is primed and ready for gaseous and cryogenic liquid media for pressures from 0-1500 PSIA. Based upon an older model known as the 'frictionless solenoid,' for it's lack of piston (friction) seals, this valve features a double seat configuration. This configuration removes the need for expensive special spring loaded seals that have proven to be less reliable than standard o-rings.



A key benefit of this design over previous products is it's introduction of latching capability to our cryogenic line. With other valves, maintaining flow of these fluids meant maintaining current through the actuation coil. This results in a large amount of power consumed over the life of the valve. During the course of spaceflight, where there are no battery chargers, every watt counts. With the addition of a latching system, the 100222 will provide unprecedented control capability for all cryogenic fluids.

The 100222 is designed for long-term use and spaceflight, though it has not gone through the rigorous test phases that putting such a valve into space requires. CEI offers this valve in its standard configuration, made from 304L and 15-5 PH stainless steels, with PTFE seats. For harsh liquids and media other than standard gases, the valve can be configured according to customer specifications and needs. For more information, please contact lead engineer Jake Bailey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.